Trading Cowboys

I often hear story after story of people who’ve
gotten burned in the markets.

Some even get jaded and nasty.

Losses can change a person and their future.

That is why this is serious business; it’s no

Sadly, people have taken their lives because they
blew out their account or have been crippled
mentally with too many losing trades that has
convinced them they don’t deserve to live.

It’s tough; I went through a rough patch during
the financial crises myself, which was a wake-up

In many cases, people get burned because they
followed some cowboy trader they found on the
inter webs.

They got scooped up into their reckless approach
because of greed after seeing their returns made
on the big winners.

They may have even shown you a large account value
they supposedly trade with saying they are
transparent as an indirect way to brag and provide
you hope it’s possible.

Some of you likely have been burned by them in the
past by following their advice and into oversized
positions that blow up your account.

You’re skeptical at first, so you track a few of
their trades.

The ones you tracked made money, and now you’re
emotions play with your head because you missed
those big gainers, so you jump on their saddle and
follow right behind them.

Bamm, right hook!

Their hot hand has now gone cold, and you went in
too big!

Now your account is just a few dollars, and you
need to start over.

These goons approach the markets like the Wild
West, and you need to avoid them like the plaque.

To be successful in this game long-term, you need
to be strategic, small and be active.

I have the perfect blueprint that will teach you
how to do that with trading options so that it
will keep you out of saloons and avoid getting
caught in a shootout.

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

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