Options Trading Tip – Setting Trade Alerts In Your TOS Platform

I often am asked, “how do you follow so many stocks?” The answer is simple, I set alerts on my trading platform. Many new traders are stuck watching a few stocks anywhere from days to weeks before it does what they are looking for it to do. While that is happening there are a ton […]

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Interview with Matt Davio from MissTrade.com

A few months ago I did an interview with Matt Davio AKA as Miss Trade. In the interview, we talk about Chicago floor trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and standing next to some of best traders around the world. We also talked about the transition from trading on the floor to trading off the […]

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What Is Option Pinning or Pinning The Stock?

What’s “option pinning?” In the video below I go over two examples of two stocks that “pinned” the option strike with the most open interest on options expiration. Usually pin risk starts to happen the week of that months option expiration. During that week of expiration, there are conversions, unraveling and rolling of option positions […]

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Large Bear Put Spread Bought Ahead Of Goldman Sachs Fraud News

Friday was a big day in the market going into April options expiration. Not only does market volatility increase with unexpected market gaps higher or lower, but strange intraday swings occur throwing off those trying to day trade. With many thinking that this was just going to be an ordinary expiration cycle were hit early […]

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