How to Make Options Trading a Non-Zero–Sum Game

This morning I was looking over positions after
this recent market move.

Nobody would have predicted this, and if they did,
it was a lucky guess.

That’s how the markets work; they are random.

However, I was glad that I managed the winners I
had days before because they would have become
losers today.

I have a saying that goes like this, “When you’ve
earned the right to take profits, you take them.”

It took me nearly 10 years to learn how to make
investing using options a non-zero–sum game by
managing winning trades.

In the old reckless days, I would hope and pray
they expire.

Most of the times they did, but then there were
times they didn’t.

I had winners that turned to big losers, which is
frustrating going into a weekend.

I started to figure out I needed to close out
trades before expiration, but I didn’t know
exactly the optimal number until recently.

You can either let the market close you out, or
you can do it on your terms.

I prefer to be on the offensive and do it on my

It’s helped with:

* Being more consistent

* In trades for less time

* Able to generate a better ROI on overall capital

* Creating a higher win rate

The number I manage all my trades is at 50% now.

There have been millions of dollars spent on this
research to verify that.

It’s helped me create more predictable returns and
create consistency, and it will help you as well.

If you’re tired of “letting your winners run” into
losers, then you’re going to want to learn how to
manage your winners, which I teach you in the book
I wrote called:

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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