Your Investing Approach Disgusts Me

You’re a scam!

That’s the reply I received back from a
self-proclaimed “not your average financial

I had reached out to ask if he was open to
having me on his weekday investing radio show.

He copied and pasted the whole sales page for our
Weekly Options Income Course, saying he didn’t
understand why I would need more exposure since I
can generate a 6% return every week.

It’s an approach by creating high probability
outcomes using the S&P 500 options with defined

I can see why it may turn off someone at first if
they just read the headline, but he’s insisting
that we’re saying it’s guaranteed.

So I replied: “Don’t you talk to your audience
about how to use options to enhance returns,
reduce risk and increase the probability of

Keep in mind this guy has a weekday radio show
telling people how to manage their money and he
manages money for others.

Here’s his full reply:

“I don’t.

I certainly don’t suggest people use options
unless they are wealthy.

Options can be a nice strategy to protect wealth
via hedges. Sadly, options are typically sold to
non-wealthy people as a way of getting
commissions, newsletter or website services
subscriptions, etc.

If you were good at options from a practical
point, you wouldn’t be in the business of selling
systems to teach laymen how to do it. Even the
name “optionsizzle” sounds creepy and invites SEC
and Finra scrutiny.”

I don’t want to it to be the pot calling the
kettle black, but I’m sharing this to encourage

That’s his opinion, which is uninformed.

This guy likely talks a good game to clients using
the same rehashed financial nonsense.

In fact, this is on his site, “an uncanny ability
to predict market winners & losers along with an
eye for financial trends that others seem to miss.”

Yeah, this guy can predict winners, losers, and
trends that other firms with millions of dollars
in research…. missed.


I what you to see that putting your money with
a financial professional is gambling.

They are taught the same thing, gather assets.

I took a few minutes to see if he was a registered
financial professional like I once was.

Guess what?

He’s not.

In 2008, I made a choice show a layman how they
can be in more control of their future and money,
then nickel and dime them of fees the rest of
their life.

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about
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Weekly Options Income System

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