The Future of Money Most Aren’t Ready to Accept

It’s the internet of money…

It’s tough to understand how it works at first.

But… so is how the FED keeps creating helicopter

The future is here, and it will be a dancers dream
come true the day they don’t have to lug a hefty
bag full of singles to the bank teller.

Only 8 years old… Bitcoin has become a game
changer for finance.

You probably remember hearing how Bitcoin traded
up over 1000 and then collapsed two years ago.

Since then, more volume (adoption) has stabilized
Bitcoin prices.

The CME Group just launched a pair of indexes
designed to track the cryptocurrency’s price.

It’s the starting foundation for a derivatives
market, which means the chance to start trading
options on Bitcoin is very near.

Today is a big deal…

Because we announce that, OptionSIZZLE will start
accepting Bitcoin.

I’m very excited to finally share that with you
and also keep learning about it.

I’ve already seen a lot of fiction around Bitcoin
similar to trading options.

Can I ask you…

What do you know about Bitcoin? (good or bad)

Do you have any Bitcoin?

Do you think it makes sense to learn more about

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

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