Why Fearless Investing With Options Different Than Other Options Trading Books?

When I first learned about options, I was studying
to take the financial industry exam to become a
financial advisor (Series 7).

After I passed and scored high on the part related
to options, I quickly realized I didn’t know how
to trade options successfully after losing
$2,000.00 on my first options trade.

Despite being a licensed professional, the
financial industry wasn’t interested in teaching
me how to become successful trading options, only
how to gather assets.

After reading a lot of books related to options
trading, I noticed that most provide a broad
overview of how options work just like I had
learned when taking my exam.

They leave out the most important aspect of how
options work with leaving out implied volatility,
which is #1 option component that every person
needs to understand if they want to be successful
trading options.

That is why most lose money starting out with
options because they thought a book or some
rehashed information on the internet was all they
needed to learn.

Then like what happened to me, they go out and
quickly realize there’s more to this than what
that book covered.

I’ve found that most options trading books are
outdated and will teach you how to use options to
play your directional assumptions either using
technical or fundamental analysis.

Since the markets are random; research and real
world experience has proved that long-term success
isn’t from trying to pick the right direction.

FIWO shows you how to generate consistent returns
with putting the odds of profitability in your
favor with trading options.

It walks you through exact parameters to know when
to use certain option strategies and provides an
easy process on how to find the best trade
opportunities without getting overwhelmed.

If you want to remove the fear and greed and
approach options trading as a numbers game, then
FIWO is your starting point on how to become an
options trading machine.

It’s the book I wish had been available when I
first started trading options over a decade ago.


To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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