Add Black Pepper for Better Returns

So while I was walking back with my coffee
earlier, I was listening to a podcast.

The guy on the podcast was talking about the
recent discoveries related to turmeric such as how
it can help lower cholesterol.

They continued testing and found adding a little
black pepper enhanced the body’s consumption
of the turmeric by 1,000 times.

A little fun fact of the day, but here’s how
it relates to investing, trading and business.

For many years trading options I would let my
short options expire.

Selling options have a higher probability of
success than buying, but I started to realize that
coming into the last week gave me trouble at times
seeing profitable trades turning into losers.

One reason for that is because of the options
gamma, which becomes more sensitive to directional
moves as expiration approaches.

With only having the experience, I had a hunch
that managing trades earlier could be more

I wasn’t sure because it flys in the face of what
everyone believes in the market with, let your
winners run.

I didn’t have the research at the time to confirm
my opinion.

That was until tasytrade came around and spent
millions of dollars on researching this.

Their research concluded that managing winners at
50% was the optimal level that enhanced returns
and reduced volatility.

If you want to generate better returns and reduce
volatility, add the black pepper by managing

If learning how to trade one product and a
systemized approach to producing a 6% weekly max
return interests you, check out the Weekly Options
Trading Income System.

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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