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Dear Friend,

Something has happened over the last several decades.

The old style approach to finance with letting a professional do it and be passive has destroyed the average American’s dream to retire.

They’ve lost control of their money, job security and settled for below average returns causing them to take on massive debt to survive.

This epidemic has caused most to lose hope of their financial destiny and become crippled by fear and avoid taking a calculated risk.

The ground in finance is always shifting and what worked yesterday, likely won’t work tomorrow.

Despite all the uncertainty, there’s opportunity.

That is we believe in being self-reliant.

We’re against mediocrity and Wall Street’s continued greed, bungling, and deceit.

Power is with people and numbers, and we approach investing the same way.

After spending years seeing how the sausage was made working in the trading pits and the financial industry in Chicago, I (Joshua Belanger) founded the company in 2008, to provide Main Street (you) the advantages enjoyed by Wall Street so that WE can beat them at their own game.

We can accomplish our mission today because of the advancement of technology, which has leveled the playing field in the financial markets.

OptionSIZZLE publishes stock market insights, option trade ideas, and options education for active investors who are looking to build wealth and generate income while reducing risk with higher opportunities for success beyond just owning stocks.

You’ll learn the “art of trading” to become a fearless, independent money-making machine with taking a ‘Macgyver’ approach to investing that’s based on math, not magic.

We practice, what we preach and provide that insight through courses/services/reports that teach our systems and that help eliminate fear, greed, myths and avoid common mistakes.

We believe in world class customer service, so we treat you exactly how we want to be treated.

There is more than enough risk in the financial world: you will never have to risk a penny buying our products because you’re backed by our “part as friends” guarantee.

During the first 30 days, if we’re not able to meet your expectations for any reason on any of our products, we will promptly process your refund.

We treat you as one of our friends because you’re part of our family. Friends entertain, educate and elevate each other, but can also provide that tough love when needed.

We both agree that time is valuable, so we’re not here to debate beliefs or opinions, we’re just showing you our research and experience on what has worked for us.

We strive in being good, at getting better every day.

On behalf of my team and myself; to your wealth, freedom, and options!

– Joshua Belanger

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