Our goal is to teach the average investor who is fed up with mediocre returns and to keep financial professionals hands out of their pocket; how to take control of their money & investing decisions so they can create wealth, freedom & options!

Our mission is to be the leader in teaching average investors how to prosper in the market to create financial security and help the middle class decrease the gap in wealth inequality.

We believe the little guy investor is better off making their own investment decisions and can be successful long-term by focusing on sure-fire results while teaching investors how to adjust their risk to meet their desired returns.

Our market approach is unconventional, but we at OptionSIZZLE believe that the average investor can be successful by strategically using stock options, to create higher chances of success, reduce risk & achieve greater returns than most traditional investments like stocks, bonds & mutual funds.

Joshua Belanger has more than a decade of experience and is dedicated to having your back and help provide you the confidence & education to take back control of your financial future to eliminate common mistakes that could really set you back and help eliminate the noise out there.

Joshua Belanger's Fearless Investing With Options Book

"How To Prosper With Options In Any Type Of Market To Create Wealth, Freedom & Options"

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Discover my tips, tricks and strategies on making money every single week trading weekly stock options. In my digital guide, I will show you everything you need to know on making 112%, 247% and 389% returns trading weekly options.

Be A Fly On The Wall As These Savvy Investors Discuss Exactly How To Crush It In Today’s Market

I went out and invited a “Dream Team” of some of the most successful option traders around that have ROCKETED TO SUCCESS. I grilled them extensively which practically FORCED them to hand over the best kept secrets to being successful.

SPX Method Full Course

This is our flagship NO MORE EXCUSES course teaching you exactly my bread & butter approaches to making money trading options. You'll learn my 4 exact detailed strategies that I've mastered that has helped generate an average 7% return a week with minimal time.