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Fearless Investing With Options

A real book?

I received this email last night. It read: “I wanted to order your options book for $14.95, but then I saw it’s just a digital download and not a real book. Don’t you have a real book for $14.95?” (Eyebrow raised) … Is this guy serious? Does he know that Amazon Kindle does over 4…

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Who’s Kool-Aid you drinking?

Remember that NY Times article about how Amazon treats its workers? (If you didn’t, that means you’re not on my email list.) Well, the article only highlighted a few people that weren’t happy with how Amazon treated them. It could be the beginning of something more, but only time will tell. There are a lot…

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3 Reasons Why Most Fail Trading Options

3 Reasons Why Most Fail At Trading Options

Life’s not always fair… You can work your butt off, but that won’t always guarantee success. For instance, many people attend college, go thousands of dollars in debt … when they graduate, there’s no guarantee they’ll land their dream job … let alone a job. You still have to pay your dues and work your…

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Why Amazon & Sears Could Merge & How To Profit From It

I’m going to make a bold prediction… In fact, a few weeks ago, I mentioned it on social media. Initially it sparked some debate along with its fair share of controversy. Here it is… I believe that Sears Holdings is a takeover target for Amazon. Now, if you think I’m crazy or off base ……

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This Could Have More ROI Than Owning A

The #1 Investment That Will Likely Outperform The Stock Market

You know the routine…. The old song and dance when you meet new people at social gatherings. Some people make it seem like they are attending a funeral because they are not sure how to communicate without Facebook or texting. Those that you actually engage with, will ask the typical questions…like what do you do for a living…where…

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How-To-Make-The Stock-Market-Beat-You-630x315

How To Make The Stock Market Beat You Without Ever Using A Stock

I know what you’re thinking…. I have to be talking about a mutual fund or real estate, right? No, but hear me out until the end. I think we can agree that investing in the stock market is as American…as apple pie. The idea of having your money working hard for you even while you’re…

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The Simplest Way To Profit From The

The Simplest Way To Profit From The Stock Market

I admit… It’s easy to get caught up in sexy stories, involving individual stocks, listening to the chatter on the internet or talking heads on TV. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be involved in a stock, right before a major move higher. Being able to tell your family or spouse about your success…

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Create Wealth With Options & How To

How To Find Time To Improve Your Wealth & Health With Options

The mantra at OptionSIZZLE is wealth, freedom and options. Now, wealth doesn’t just mean financial gain, it also refers to richness in health. You see, many members of our community are middle-aged professionals. They spend a majority of their time balancing their work and family life. Of course, this can be an extremely difficult responsibility…

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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Post Trades Results

5 AT A QUARTER… 4 AT A THIRD…. Picture yourself in the busiest open outcry pit in the world, surrounded by traders everywhere you turn. You can barely hear yourself…as they scream and shout the bids/offers to the crowd. As I grab an order ticket, a question is asked to me, “Do you know how…

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8 Reasons Why You’re Losing Money Trading Options

I can’t put my name on this! Those were the thoughts that went through my mind after I reread the first edition of my current book, Fearless Investing With Options. It finally clicked in my head, when I received an email, from a kid in college that read the first edition. In the email, he…

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