Let’s be honest here.

Wall Street has failed us over the long-term. Trusted “pros” make outrageous fortunes, with some taking advantage of tricks and loopholes that have left average investors (like you and me) paying the price.

Goliath has won too many times and left the average investor feeling duped… swindled… bamboozled. In fact, just 45% of Americans even bother to own stocks anymore.

They think – correctly – that the game is rigged.

As a result, the wealth gap between the middle class and wealthy is the largest it has ever been in American history. The rich get richer, and the middle class disappears.

But it’s not a lack of access to good trades… it’s the inequality of information that has made this massive gap possible.

To turn that around and make a long-term change, the everyday investor needs to keep financial professionals out of their pocket by taking back control of their money and investing decisions to keep democracy intact for future generations.

By now you’ve probably learned that no else one cares about your money more than you do. If you want the feeling of true financial freedom, it all rests on your shoulders.

However, most who travel down this road struggle and lose money trying because they don’t have the confidence and know-how to protect and generate consistent returns.

The rules of the game have changed.

Most continue to play by the old rules. And that’s why they lose.

The ones who understand the new rules are winning.

As the markets melted down and average investors were left out in the cold, I decided that something had to be done. I founded OptionSIZZLE  in October 2008, at the height of the financial crisis.

This was a  frightening time for investors who desperately needed guidance and experience.

The banks were being bailed out.

Only politically connected traders knew what to do and when to do it. But with information inequality soaring, the average person who simply wanted to learn to trade and take back control of their financial future needed a platform.

Since then, OptionSIZZLE has filled that important gap.

As one of our clients, Scott recently said:

“Up and coming investors face many psychological struggles, especially early on in their attempts. From my personal experience, the two largest hurdles to overcome are the fear of losing and having the confidence to time and enter a trade.

 With OptionSIZZLE, I have found that these obstacles are both addressed. Josh has expertise on the subject [and] expresses a calm persona in reviewing trades… Though I am personally work-in-progress, it is character attributes such as these the indirectly boost my confidence.”

Our views are untraditional, out-of-the-box, impartial and sometimes contrarian to what financial professionals or gurus will tell you, but we believe that is the separation needed to help you break through and take control of your financial future.

With OptionSIZZLE, you’ll receive one message, one voice, and one direction on how to trade and do it right every time.

There’s no conflicting information, no hedging of language, just honest educational insight that will make you a better trader… period.

You should be trading options… And you need someone who isn’t interesting in selling you another trading service or another product the second they receive your email address. This is a proven educational service that sets itself apart from all the other noise out there.

Our success (that SIZZLE) is generated by focusing on predictable returns based on the risk you want, which is what trading options provide than plain vanilla stock investing, real estate, mutual funds, and bonds.

Transparency, each and every day.

Through our FREE daily e-letter, courses, conference, videos and other resources, we’ll show you our profitable SIZZLE by teaching you how to be smarter, strategic and more nimble in today’s investment world.

Our approach uses less capital to generate better returns. Over the years, we’ve learned ways that allow us to invest into “outside the market” ideas for generating additional active income.

We believe this is what makes us different because we can provide real-world experience and know how on our goal of creating wealth, freedom, and options.

A few words from our founder, Josh Belanger:

If you’re not investing, you are losing money.

With negative interest rates in nations with more than 500 million people, and the Federal Reserve puttering along with its monetary policy decisions, you’re probably better off leaving your money in a mattress instead of a bank.

But your money and time are not static, and the cost of living consistently increases impacting every dollar in your pocket.

I didn’t start OptionSIZZLE to please everyone. It exists to help those who are struggling and want a no nonsense real-world help in achieving their goal of more wealth, freedom and options.

Time is money, and we don’t put up with any nonsense around here.

I believe in being transparent, honest and doing what I preach.

I saw millions of dollars change hands every day when I worked on the floor of the busiest exchange in the world at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Most people struggle on their own trying to learn and instead just give up and follow the pack;

OptionSIZZLE can provide you the separation needed to help shorten the learning curve and, avoid common mistakes that handcuff your future.

It’s easy to learn these steps (SIZZLE) to create long-term success in the markets. Our goal is to teach you how to use options.

From a housekeeping perspective, our standard is to provide top-notch customer support.

You will achieve results.

I always want you to be satisfied and see an ROI with your investment because when you grow, we grow together.

Now it’s your choice if you want more wealth, freedom and options for your life.

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